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What is Old School Workout?

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Sandbag Training Section:

Sandbags are one of the most versatile and effective training tools out there!

Considered a "Go anywhere gym", you will find endless exercises and methods you can use to supercharge your performance by browsing our sandbag articles!

You can either go to your local store and get a durable duffel bags and fill it with sands from your local home depot or you can purchase the ultimate sandbags on the left side at UltimateSandbags.com

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Bodyweight Training Section

Bodyweight training is one of the most effective methods for developing your mind and body to amazing levels of strength, power, coordination, flexibility and body awareness.

This is the place where you will find powerful information on how to use your own body and transform it into the ultimate "exercise machine"!  

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Kegs Training Section:

Keg training can be extremely demanding. With the water sloshing around inside the keg you quickly intensify the difficulty of the movement.

Check out the variations Zach uses for Keg training to develop full body strength, high octane conditioning and mental toughness. There is NO quitting when you battle against these heavy water filled kegs! . . .

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Kettlebell Training Section

Russian Kettlebells have been around for countless decades, possibly centuries! Learn how this tool is used for improving overall performance.

You'll find countless articles on kettlebells allowing you to apply endless variety into your overall training program!

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Sled Training Section

If there is one training tool that should be a staple in every strength training program, it's sleds!

Check out our video section to see exactly why sleds are critical to your workout program. 

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Tires Training Section

Here you will find information on how to create old school sleds for FREE using tires as well as how to implement tires of all types into your overall program.

Tire training will be one of the best methods you use to develop raw strength and power!

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Sledgehammer Section

The Sledge Hammer will quickly become one of your favorite conditioning tools after you read through our various sledge hammer articles!

One of the most effective conditioning tools available for all athletes is through the use of sledge hammers.

Learn how to improve your power, grip and GPP by browsing through our library of sledge hammer articles.

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Log Training Section

No barbell? No worries when you've got a log!

Here you will find information on how logs are used to develop full body strength and conditioning.

Browse through our articles and take your performance to the next level with log training!

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Stone Training Section

You can't get more 'old school' than stones, the original pieces of strength training equipment!

Learn how you can use stones in your program for massive gains in size, strength and power!

Best of all, stones are FREE.

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Grip Section

REAL Men know that Strong Hands = Strong Man! Discover the Secrets for Developing Your Hands into Bone Crushing Vise Grips Which In Turn Will Skyrocket Your Overall Strength! Grip training is quickly on the rise! Competitions for grip strength are sprouting up everywhere and athletes are quickly discovering that a crushing grip gives them the advantage over their competition.

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Rope Training Section

Build some serious strength and speed with just these ropes..

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